The four step tutorial for IZIS2OGS

Step 1: OGS Login

Please make sure that the relay account is logged into OGS. When visiting the site, the top right corner should show your account.

Step 2: IZIS2OGS Login

Go to the IZIS2OGS login page . Other pages will automatically redirect you. Click "Login". You will be transfered to OGS for the next step.

Step 3: Authorize OGS access

OGS asks for confirmation that IZIS2OGS is allowed to access the site as your account. This is done by clicking on the blue "Authorize" button. You will be transfered back to the IZIS2OGS application.

Please do not use valuable accounts as OGS does not restrict the access of the granted ticket.

Step 4: The game list

After OGS access has been authorized, the list of recent unfinished games is shown.

In the "OGS Relay" column, one of three states is seen. If the "Relay" button is shown, the game is currently not observed for this user. Clicking the button will start the process. If the field shows "pending", the OGS game is about to be created. Just reload the page after a few seconds. Once the demo board is created, a link to the game will be shown.

In the "Game ID" column, the IZIS game number is shown with a link to the IZIS play hall for the life view.

The remaining columns show the game meta data as set on the IZIS board or companion app. They are used for the initial OGS demo board attributes.

Further notes

Game observation will currently stop after eight hours of inactivity.

OGS credentials are renewed automatically as long as the web session still exists or a game is actively relayed. Inactive sessions expire approximately one day after the last access to the web site.

Sometimes, the IZIS servers are slow or don't provide consistent answers to different clients. This can result in short hangs in the transmission. The problem is not fully understood, yet.

If the IZIS board has misdetected a stone or the players have adjusted the position, a branch on the demo board will be created. Variants are not removed automatically as players also sometimes forget to end the game with the dialog before counting and that would mess up the game recording.

Visiting the OGS demo board with the account used for the relay will not see new moves. This is an open bug. Manual reload (e.g. F5) will fetch new moves.

About this service

The IZIS2OGS service is provided on a best effort base. If you have an upcoming tournament and want to use this service, especially during the European night hours, feel free to drop me a note. I'll try to not schedule maintainance time.


Jörg Sonnenberger
Gewerbeallee 19
18107 Elmenhorst

Privacy/GDPR notice

After the login, a cookie is used to identify the associated OGS account. On the server site, the OGS username is stored for the during of the session and as long at least one game is actively monitored. After a reasonable time has passed, the session is removed from the database.

The IP addresses and sites are logged for diagnostics purposes. They are removed peridiodically. Access to logged data is restricted to the administration of the server and forensics in case of security incidents. They are not used for commercial purposes.